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Eggs, coupons, new items, Unique item on EBay.

I’m adding the coupon tonight! Eggs and new items.

So I meant to send this out this morning but got caught up watching The Dougherty Dozen on whatever that social site is? Instagram? Tic Tok? Whatever but here’s the deal on what going on now.One Egg had been located! I will email you Laura to see what you want. I will do that as soon as I send this. There is still another egg out there and will be more. Laura being the first one to find an egg will get her pick of what she wants. I will also be posting pictures of what the Eggs are on Tunnel2light, blog and groups. And to get this out if the way, new items are on and a coupon is coming. The coupon will be 14 percent off for Valentine’s Day. The coupon will be ilovehc23 just as you see it!I have posted a link with phone number to a very intuitive man who does readings. Please contact him directly. His information is on some of the websites and on Hauntedcuriosities FB page. All questions you have about Devin or his service need to go directly to him, I won’t be answering them. I can tell you I have only posted two people and he’s the only one that does readings I recommend.Now I’m going to address the Eggs. Laura did it right. She looked, she used her brain and located an egg. I don’t care if Laura finds them all. You can find as many as you want. Ben, you are no longer playing the game. I’m no longer answering your emails about the Eggs. You can’t decide you are going to send me every listing on all my sites and ask if it’s there. If this continues you will be blocked. Don’t test the waters. I already blocked a person From NYC and trust me, I don’t care what anyone spends or doesn’t spend. It doesn’t work that way. My sanity is more important than money. You have stepped over the line.While we are on money. Don’t come to me asking if the miracle service will get you a million dollars, it won’t! Don’t ask if a 38 dollar item will get you a million dollars, it could but I doubt it. Here is why. Here is why I don’t care if I block people either. I don’t have to care because if you think for one minute I don’t have my own private stock for wealth, you have to be crazy. But I also know the secret to it. If you are so consumed with greed it’s all you care about and your spiritually is out the window, give it up. Just don’t bother. To obtain things like that you have to be on a higher level of brain function! To get an item that gives you great wealth and pays bills, makes you comfortable, gets you ahead in life of wins some lottery, yes, you can get that. Billions and billions isn’t going to happen because you don’t have it in you. Many of you will now go to other sellers who will buff your balls and tell you I’m wrong. Do go, go fast and swift. When the lying is over come on back and learn patience and then get what you want. There is no point in lying by anyone because it’s going to come back on you. I had one lady ask me in every way she could ask for the millions and then went up billions. If you had any kind of intelligence you would know it’s not needed! If you invest it, it’s going to grow and you can literally live off the interest you would get. But you can’t tell people anything because they know best and yet, here we are with them asking for money. I have one lady who truly needs money and I’m going to do her a custom piece I guarantee will work. She’s not greedy and only needs to pay bills, be comfortable and provide for her family. It WILL be done. One guy needs to get through school and needs a boost. He too will get what he needs. It’s not I that decide who gets the wealth, it’s you! What I really think is people want you to lie to them. Maybe it makes them feel better, I don’t know but I can’t do it.The person from NYC who was blocked and banned was a little entitled @sshole. I’m not dealing with that either. They wanted me to shove customers aside and stop what I’m doing for them. They changed their minds on orders like some change underwear and it’s supposed to be acceptable, it’s not. It is these people that hold up me responding to emails from other customers. That won’t happen again. So, Ben, you are on notice. Also you can’t afford your layaway and I can’t help you’re a Wiccan. It’s time to pick another item. Also we will keep emails to business only not do I have tattoos or anything else. Sorry to have to spell all this out but sometimes it has to be done.And just one more thing. If you’re emailing or texting me and I say I’m going to bed. That’s exactly what’s happening. This doesn’t mean you email me five more times. Those people will be blocked as well. I honestly don’t know what happened to class and decorum. I feel there are some who were born in a barn or just not raised properly. Maybe they were but in today’s society the give me, give me or I’m entitled has taken over. Well… that shit doesn’t fly over my way. I’m also not your shrink, counselor or personal assistant. If I speak to you by email or text and we have normal conversation, that’s fine. I just can’t/ won’t deal with @ssholes anymore.If you are from Germany or France and have an issue buying from one of the sites, let me know. I just have to send you an invoice.For those of you thinking I’m mean, I’m not. Normal customers, about 90 percent of them will tell you I’m not. It’s that 10 percent who need to look in the mirror.Now here are the items that went on Friday.

The doll you see above I have on EBay and runs about 400.00. It’s very rare and haunted too. It’s one of the very rare ones that are. I started it at 9.99 and it ends on Sunday. I have quite a few items on eBay auction. The user ID is 2piratesbringutreasure from there you can see all the listings. Also watch for some very rare items to be on one going on today.

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