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Have you ever felt psychic terror?

I don’t scare easy but I have felt it three times in my life. One was when I went to the Lalaurie mansion. I didn’t even enter but when I touched the front door it was like a jolt. The jolt was pure terror and a removal of the reality I was in. I felt transported to a time of great evil. I felt demons, grief, sadness, pain, depression and insanity all at once. The energy will forever be locked in that location.

When Nicholas Cage owned it he too felt it. He protected the spirits that remained locked inside that hell hole. It was then I visited the place. I also visited before he owned it, when he owned it and after the IRS sold it to those who own it now.

Each trip held various amounts of energy and it was different each time. Before Nicholas Cage it was as I described above. After he bought it , it was much calmer but you could still feel the extreme grief and pain. The new owner I honestly believe don’t care about the spirits and again you feel rage, pain, grief and evil.

The house is always going to be extremely haunted but whoever owns it can add or take away from it.

Your own energy will always effect your items and where you live as well as haunted places you visit.

Where have you felt psychic terror?

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Dec 09, 2022

have gotten feeling from places before as a kid and teen. like one place in florida that had a german settle ment that belive the inner earth that place was freaken haunted! i was like i didn't want to be in that place I'm like lets leave and felt being freaken watched! that was with my family on vacation and such good grief! it was the korshen skatepark place

Dec 10, 2022
Replying to

There really is an Inner Earth/Gaia civilization. If it's the one beneath Germany, that's the Bodlian city. There's also Asian Shamballah. Also Pleiadan Agartha. City of Giants beneath Russia through Franz Josef Land. South America also has an underground City of Giants by Macuxi tribe stories. Also beneath Egypt another underground realm.


The Warden
The Warden
Aug 02, 2022

I'm not sure if it was psy terror when I saw these static people walk in my room. I was about 4 years old and remember being shocked that there was t.v static, outlined like humans, just watching me sleep. The scary part is when they got very close to my face. I guess not knowing what they were or where their faces went is what did it. They would appear at night, when everyone was asleep. When they noticed I was afraid of them, they kept their distance. At first it was 1, then 2. I stopped seeing them when I moved to a new place.

Then there was 1 alien encounter I had at a walmart. A…


Unknown member
Jul 20, 2022

I've yet to experience anything the likes of which you have DeeDee. But tell ya what I am considering going to the Warren's paracon convention in October which is said to host there most haunted items which includes Real Annabelle doll in museum tour. Will be interesting.


Jul 17, 2022

I remember when you had the psychic opening experiment with Steve & Anthony in front of the Lalaurie Mansion in NOLA from an old video. I don't think I'd experienced psychic terror myself before though.

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