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Houston We Have a Problem

Houston, we have a problem!

As most of you know I travel a lot and I have to do a lot of research. Many times due to travel or shipping I have to hire people to do the research I need. While I always know what I want to write and have the facts, I still need them checked. Lately that has become a serious problem. We are behind on shipping right now because of travel. This isn’t vacation travel but things I needed to do. I have to hire people. I can’t find people who want to work anymore. Maybe it’s to many stimulus checks or free handouts, I don’t know. I realize there are people who are suffering and need things like food stamps and help with rent when they never needed it before. A lot of this has to do with the lockdowns, which could be coming yet again. I’m watching small to medium business close for good. Sometimes it’s supply but mainly it’s they need workers. Some got so far behind they couldn’t reopen. I know a lady that now just cuts hair out of her house. We all would sneak in there during lockdown. She had kids to feed. She couldn’t get help because she was a small business. Financial help went to things like Ruth Chris steak house. Why? They were closed. What need did they have? Zero! It’s called shining balls and who you know. I honestly believe the goal is to have no middle class. You will have your elites, the wealthy and your poor. The poor is the goal. Keep you under the thumb of your government. This isn’t just the United States but many other countries as well. There is a fear that people will rise up against the corruption. If you have no money or you can’t afford food or gas, where are you going? There is a very terrifying agenda here. I even need to be careful about what I write.

I needed a research article written on the education in the United States. I know where our education system started and how. You can read about it in a book called the Lepzieg Connection. The book itself is scary but unfortunately it’s all true. You can follow when we started public schools and why. Do we need educated people, of course! What we don’t need is to mold the minds of children to only think one way or to keep them dumbed down. The United States needed workers who were educated enough to count change and do grunt work, nothing more. We are one of the only countries where we are not bilingual, why is that? Why are we not educating properly? Do you know who gets language education? The CIA, that’s because they are needed to travel and spy. Do you know how we speak of Africa as a poor uneducated continent? Well I’m here to tell you their education is much better than ours. Facts! The agenda here is becoming even more clear. Those who doubted before are even starting to wonder. Why is free speech such a threat anymore? Well, if you heard a different opinion you may think in a different way. We can’t have that now can we? I have seen a lot of people who used to be on YouTube now gone, suspended, forever. Why? They told the truth about Zelensky. The propaganda is so bad right now I can’t wrap my mind around it. The media lies right to our face. The same day we were told there were no bio labs, that night we found out there were three in Ukraine. These are not the kind you want anyone to have. We were lied to about Hunter Biden’s lap top. It doesn’t matter what political side you are on, they lied. Knowing that and knowing what went on can and does compromise the US, would you still have voted the way you did?

Now let’s get to racial issues. Did you personally own a slave? Did you personally make a Chinese work a railroad. Did you spit on the Irish? Did you gather up Mexicans from Home Depot to do your yard or construction job? Did you smack the ass of a horse and take some Indians land? Are you a Native American that stole land from other Natives? Did you grab a child off the streets of London and make them your slave? No? Yes? I’m guessing the answer is no. Now let’s get to brass tacks or in my case balls since no one else will mention this.

What is racism? It’s the hatred of another person because of their color. Isn’t it true that everyone should have the same opportunities? I think so and I think they do. Just because one mouth is the loudest doesn’t make them right. I was just wondering if the Chinese will ever get reparations? Will the Irish? I mean, if one color can get it, can’t others? No? Well, now that’s damn racist! Have you seen from every store, Buy from our black brands? Why? Screw that! You know who I’m buying from? I’m buying from the better product. I don’t care about color. Did any of you give to BLM? If you did, how do you like that mansion? Just saying… do you realize BLM told all social media platforms to throw anyone off who questioned them? Again, no free speech! Can anyone tell me what all those millions upon millions of dollars went to? Let’s just say, not black people! Not to stop violence, not to better educate, not to feed or clothe, nope! Do you dare question it? Can you question it? I guess if you want to be called a racist you can. When we speak about equality it means everyone should be able to get ahead if they want to. Trust me, not everyone does. Some just want to float through life at bare minimum. That’s okay too, to each his own. If you are one of those people though you can’t expect the same living conditions or wealth as someone who works harder. Don’t worry, we are going to get to something supernatural very soon, hopefully. While I’m on my slide over, I did get all the shipping out except two people. Keith you went out today and RB you go out tomorrow. Frank, you too. That’s all I have left to ship. Don’t forget to check out my EBay stuff. It’s inexpensive for a reason. Not because it’s not good stuff, it is! There is a very good reason I put it on EBay. More will go on tonight and some of it will be a dollar or two where on the website it would be 15.00, other items would be 100 but they won’t be on EBay. Free shipping if you have an order out with us on the website.

Anyway. So why is there such an agenda to cause hatred among the races? Why does one color, the black person get all this free advertising? Is black the new better color? Should there even be a better color or just a color? Honestly it shouldn’t matter. I know many people who are getting mad at it. You can’t be mad at a persons color. Be mad at the government who is causing it. When you have a president or an imbecile who gets in front of the media and says the biggest threat is whitey, you know what happens? You get the NYC subway shooting. You know who doesn’t get shot? Well, it ain’t the person spewing lies! It’s time we start to hold governments accountable for what they do and say. Just like they do us. You should love one another for the person they are and not worry about skin color. Remember when I said I needed to hire another person and couldn’t find one? This is a story. So I was about to post it on FB and saw this cry me a river poor mouth who at least since Obama has been going on. This um, person has cried poor mouth for ***** ever!!!!! Like get up and ******* do something, anything for FFS! Sorry for the language but you have no idea! Now let’s say they are disabled, okay. But your ass is on the internet 24/7 and there are remote jobs that are hiring to just monitor chat rooms, right now! Obviously they can chat because all they do is post poor, poor me posts! I can’t give a lot of details because I don’t want anyone knowing who it is. So, I was about to offer a person in their family a job. As I was doing so they started to complain about where they lived and how there were many Republicans and how horrible and terrible they were. This just isn’t something you talk about when seeking a job for your family member. I had posted that I was hiring but I must be a terrible, terrible person! They blocked me and then talked a bunch of crap. That’s normal for those types of people though because God forbid you can’t cut off their speech! Either way I’m sure 10 years from now they will still be crying over a few dollars and talking shit instead of working. It’s the new American way for some.

So, did I hire? Yes! I’m completely happy so far. I shall see in the long run.

Don’t forget to check out the eBay auctions and buy it nows. A ton of stuff will be going on Monday as I already have it ready. I just need to add it on. One more thing. Something is going on with Google mail. I have found a lot of my customers emails in the junk folder. Email me again if you don’t hear from me.

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Interesting I've missed so many post DeeDee cause I never get anymore email notifications. I did message you some time ago wen you asked me too.


Apr 20, 2022

Zelensky is obviously a CIA puppet & Hunter Biden's laptop is a whole other can of worms regarding his uncle & dad as benefactors. Russia reported to the UNSC a total of 30 biolabs carrying wmd pathogens in Ukraine. Oh & there are a bunch of foreign mercenaries running around there which is against UN rules of war.


Everything you said Dee Dee it is so very true. I hope things changes soon. Everyone deserves happiness.

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