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Important!!! Shipping plus auction!

Hello everyone!

Myself, Lindy,Daisy and Victor will be away from the 12 to the 23rd. Shipping will resume on the 23rd. This gives us one day to relax which we will all need. Tomer will also be busy during that time back and forth from my house to the office. He will be unavailable until the 24th of October. So for those wanting the transformation keep that in mind. I know two of you emailed me on it and I will look at those today.  Items will go on this week and will be shipped but when we have to stop we will. I don’t want anyone thinking we are skipping out on you but this kind of travel is hard. This isn’t a vacation but a work thing. You can also see this information on the blog posts.  I will also be setting up a group that a few have asked for, this will be a prayer group. You can participate or just leave a note on in the group for what you need or want. I’m not going to tell you what you can or can’t put there because everyone has a different situation. More information about that will be coming. Also today is a 14k amazing ring I have ending on EBay. The user ID is 2piratesbringutreasure

The link to the ring is here. I think it has maybe 8 hours to go?

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