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Just a few things.

I needed to post a few things so I don’t have to do a bunch of emails. I have had a few questions on how to buy the three dollar items even though I posted it. Maybe I didn’t explain it right? You can buy just one item and it will get shipped out as long as you have another order on any of the other sites. If you don’t then I can hold the item until you do or you can buy the minimum amount. This is because of shipping costs. For those who want another option you can pay shipping. If your out of the country that can be 35.00 and up. Now you see why I say minimum order on those items if you don’t have another order on one of my other sites? I can’t sell you a 3.00 item and have it cost me 35.00 to ship it.

I have had a few people ask me about staying at the other house. Many of you have stayed, Becca, Siar, the serial killer, I think Luc did? And a few more. I can’t do it at this time because we have an ant invasion. They are tiny little sugar ants but who wants them crawling on them? I have an exterminator coming out today. The other reason is I don’t want to deal with another asshole. This one guy who stayed ( potential serial killer) told me about his disgusting living conditions like it was normal and complained about a few ants. I honestly wanted to say STFU! I also keep that house stocked with food as Siar and Becca can tell you and it was there for people to eat. I mean a fully loaded house! If you wanted steak and eggs or whatever, it’s there. Those who didn’t eat meat still had a fully stocked house as I keep tons of veggies and fruits too. Then yesterday I get an email about why do I like Trump? I can like whoever I want to. This same person continues to tell me he hates God. That’s his deal, not mine. I don’t tell anyone who to like or dislike, I don’t get mad at who you like or don’t like, live and let live. I also think it’s not that hard to control yourself and scroll past something you don’t like. There are plenty of things I don’t like but if you post it on your website or forum guess what I can do? I can scroll right past it. It’s really very easy. With that being said I will no longer indulge the rantings of insanity.

Also, when I say don’t text me, don’t text me! Put your finger back in its holster and relax, I’m driving!

From now on I won’t be available Sunday. If you need to unload all your woes you can try doing it with your own family. Maybe it’s what you need to do anyway considering how you got to be where you are. No, I won’t post your name here as that would be me being nasty and I’m not going to do that. However I do think that hatred you spew towards God needs a better placement. Going by what you say and why you’re mad, it’s not God, it’s your family. God didn’t steal from you and God didn’t do drugs or drink when he was pregnant with you. God isn’t the one who gave you a bad start in life. Your parent/ parents didn’t take their responsibility seriously towards a child they brought up in the world. That’s called free will. I hold no anger towards you but you need to place your anger where it belongs. You hate God, you don’t like any politician, it’s fine, no one cares but you. If you honestly don’t like money and want to give stuff away the best thing is to give up your state check. Just a thought. Maybe others don’t like that money coming out if their tax dollars for you to buy PSP’s to give them away? These are just thoughts I’m putting out for you to think about.

Now that all that is over with the coupon code is as it appears TOHOT22. That coupon only works on and on that gives you 30 percent off.

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