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Love Life & Curses

Is a curse really real? Can someone curse me? Yes, but only if you allow them to. Curses are all about intensity. How strong is yours? You have to dig down and find your fortitude! Two scoops! Grab it with one hand! You got this!!! See I’m being your personal life coach!

I have been told I’m extremely intense and on some issues I am. Most things I’m just really laid back. My energy isn’t heavy unless I’m pissed off which is rarely. At some point we all need to grab that intensity and use it. This is for sure in the case of a curse. You see a curse really isn’t a magical thing or supernatural power someone possesses. What it really is, is directed intensity! It’s something I’m really good at. I scared a bunch of people a few years ago using it. This guy tore up my daughters poster. She had won a universal pageant and they made a poster of her. The anger I felt was totally uncontrollable. He was hit by a tractor trailer. In my mind being in full rage mode I just saw him being smashed. Everyone knew it at the time. I have since learned how to control it, well later on I did. There was one other instance before I gained control. My brother can do it too. This guy had borrowed my ex’s truck. Now my ex may be insane and he is. But we still talk and we have no issues. The last issue we had he ran away from me, he knew better! I will explain.

My father was an amazing father. When I was little the house was run military style. Which is why I have great respect for this one customer I have. His parenting skills are great! Just like my fathers. His son will turn out just fine! He’s a good kid now. I didn’t know my name until I was about 12. Until then it was girl, boy, line up, we are going to Sears. And trust me, you got your ass in line! There was no disrespecting my father. Even with him being strict he had a balance. He was a good man and better father. My father would talk to us, first, one time. After that, God help you! I never talked back to my father except one time. That was because I had respect for him and he earned and deserved it. I wanted to go to my friend Christys house and I was told no. I told my dad I wanted to go anyway. Needless to say, that trip wasn’t happening! On other occasions he let stuff go. Later on I found out as a child he was hell to deal with! I was just like him! Now that, I let him know! There was one time my brother and a friend of mine who’s mother grew weed came over. She watched my parents leave and came over and we rolled one. My brother, the look out made sure they got over the bridge. We had just smoked a little and my brother came running with his little stick figure legs, THEY ARE COMING, they are coming!!! Run!!! Oh shit I thought, this is it, life is over! Tina jumped into the lake where we made her go. I told her she better not come up until I told her to. I stumbled into the house and tried to act straight. I was high as a kite. I knew deep down I was busted! At that point I’m just hoping Tina doesn’t drown out there. My father came in and said he forgot something. I thought okay, I’m going to get away with this! Yes!!! Um, no! You see when you have a father who’s done all the crap you’re just now doing, he’s got your number. He looked at me and asked what was wrong with my eyes. I said I’m just tired. He said okay. Which was unusual for him. He headed for the door and turned around. He said girl, you better not let your mother find out what you have been smoking and this better be the last time I find out about it. My mouth about dropped! I told him okay and that I had to retrieve Tina from the lake. I swore I saw a smile on his face when he turned away. He will never admit that. My father was a career military man until he went to work at the Philadelphia Navel Yard. He had top security clearance and saw a lot of stuff he told me about in later years. He tried his best to keep me out of trouble but I was a lot like him. Even so I wasn’t allowed to get away with stuff. If I was in the right, he stood up for me like no one else! I can remember him jumping a fence with one hand and grabbing my school principal by the throat. My father played no games! The principal had kept me in after school detention which honestly was my second home! This time he kept me until way after the late bus and then called my father to come get me. It was the way he spoke to my father that wasn’t going to head anywhere good! My father told him, he better look like putting me in his car and driving me home. I told the principal he was in for it! The reason I was in detention I really didn’t deserve anyway. I walked in the bathroom to see these girls beating on this tiny girl. So I got into the mix after the one said something to me I didn’t like. She was in a bad shape and I’m the one getting detention? The principal had called me a few names my father didn’t appreciate and I already told my father what happened. The principal brought me home with back up but that didn’t stop my father from turning into Superman and flying over a fence. At that time the teachers had an ongoing bet to see who would get suspended the most, me or Lou Kerr. I won that year. Our school had split sessions so when it was time for my brother to go, no one messed with him. If my brother walked down the hall the other kids parted like the Red seas! You didn’t mess with my brother. Knowing how I grew up and there’s a lot more to it, trust me. You can see how I might parent my own kids. It was the same. One girl was bullying Daisy and that one I almost went to jail for. I had enough and the mother pulled outside my house and Daisy wouldn’t come out. I’m trying to go somewhere and I didn’t have time to play around with bullshit! Daisy told me this was the little smacked ass bothering her. I had enough! I went out that door and told that nutrient face her daughter was going to get a damn beat down! I told her to control her animal. She got smart and I went through the window. The police came out and I was told to come down to the police station. Once down there she ranted and raved and I sat there laughing at her. She was beside herself and I didn’t give a crap! They all knew it to. It ended real fast and in a hurry. Daisy remembers all of this and many other things. Sometimes I think, that poor kid! She was a very good girl too. She never gave me any trouble because of one thing, she knew better! She will even tell you that. As a teenager she couldn’t go to the YMCA alone or to friends houses. I didn’t know those people! So, no! Which brings me to my ex. It’s been a long time in getting here, but finally we arrive! My ex was not strict at all, in fact he was the exact opposite and that didn’t go well! My kids weren’t allowed in my yard unless I was out there and could see them. He on the other hand let Daisy’s boyfriend come to his house. This was a no no!! In fact this was such a serious infraction of parenting I lost my mind! You see Daisy’s brother told on her. He said mom you should know this for Daisy’s own good. In reality he just wanted to get her in trouble but yeah, it was bad. So I lured my ex into a place out in the middle of nowhere. Daisy and her brother were there. Gently, sweetly, ever so seductively I spoke to Daisy and learned of the horror. I told Daisy it was okay to tell me, it’s okay sweetheart, you can tell mama. It must have been the sweet way I spoke and my overly niceness that gave it away. I smelled the fear and saw it in her eyes. I knew all I needed to. Someone was going to pay. And pay they did! So now you know what made my ex haul ass in his car leaving the kids behind. Poor Daisy was afraid to get in the car with me but she did. I calmed down real quick as to not traumatize her and we talked. Sometimes as a parent you have to suck it up but not to the point there is no respect.

Back to my ex’s truck at the time. He let this opossum looking guy borrow it to move some stuff. The guy made fun of the truck. It’s crap like that which makes me not like some people. Here he is borrowing something he needs and talking crap about it. I got mad again. His car no longer worked. He deserved it.

The curses. If someone says they cursed you or someone says you have been, you don’t have to worry about it. You see it only works if their intensity is stronger than yours. Are you weak? Many times power is in the mind. Find yours and get rid of what ails you. If you can’t that’s when you can come to someone like me. Honestly though, mind over matter! Why pay for what you can do on your own? Since a curse is really intensity in anger or emotion I can’t get rid of that. What I can do is throw it back at them with 100 times more intensity which I have cultivated over the years. I guarantee those services but you should try doing it on your own at first. That’s always free and free is good!!

Let’s move on to your love life. First you need to love yourself. Maybe not in the way egomaniacs do but a little of that goes a long way. Never let anyone stomp you! No one is better than you, no matter the possessions they have or the money. We were all made equal. What we do with our life is what matters! No one is perfect but like I said before, an asshole will remain an asshole. If you are chasing someone or if the relationship your in isn’t going the way you want it to , step back. Remove yourself from the situation. You see, intensity comes into play here too. If you are buying a piece for love, seduction piece, or anything to get back a lover your are dealing with their intensity. Can your magical overcome their intentions? People are set in their ways. If it’s a push over the edge your looking for, a piece can do it. If the person is lying to you or there is some other circumstance you may need a spell. That spell however must come from someone who really cares about what they are doing. Someone who’s going to take the time to really give it all the intensity they have in their mind and body. Honestly, that’s what it takes. Many people are taken in by sweet talk and the oh honey this and that. Don’t fall for it. Not to talk politics and not to say one person is better than the other but look at this. If we were at war in the United States would you rather have Trump at the command or Biden? I don’t care which one you like better or prefer. We are talking the United States better win this war! If not, life as you know it changes for the worst. Who do you pick? Do you pick the guy who talks nice and doesn’t mean tweet or do you fear for your family and go with the guy who you might hate, but will get the job done? For many of you it’s a tough decision but no matter how tough, put your emotions aside. Go with what’s logical. Your life could depend on it. Now granted your love life doesn’t depend on that but love can be war and you want the job done.

Aside from that, what about you? Are you so beaten down by a bad relationship that someone needs to throw you a life raft? That’s when things are really bad. Have you let someone walk on you? Have you been used? It’s happened to all of us. The difference is when do you say enough is enough? You need to learn the signs very quickly and get out! People usually don’t change and you deserve better. Are they a cheater? Screw that! That’s the lowest of the low and no need for it. Plus STDs! One day you stick it in and it blows up! Trust me, that’s probably the next plague because so many people are so loose! To me if you marry, it’s for life and should be. You know why? Because you don’t make rash decisions. You actually get to know the person. You talk, you communicate. You have some of the same interests or thoughts about life. If your not compatible you won’t know until it’s to late if you don’t get to know them. Personally I never understood one night stands. They are naked, you are naked and you don’t know the first thing about them. How gross is that!? Again, not judging, just how I feel about it. I’m really a non judgmental person. If you came to me and said Dee Dee I’m picking up guys every night. I would say to you, your careful right? Then I would go into telling you this story of this woman I know with herpes and how she bangs away telling not one person she has it! Do you want to be on the receiving end of that vagina? I doubt you do! So my advice I would give, but never judge. Like I said, I can’t judge anyone.

You are with a married man. You don’t believe in it but love just happened. My advice is again, no need to cheat. He needs to shit or get off the pot. Now I know this one lady ( I’m going to call you Lizzy) she gets with these bastard men! They borrow or ask for money and it pisses me off! Her entire family is always hitting her up! When she doesn’t give it to them they get mad. I tell her to stop giving it to them! I think for her, I’m going to find her a tall dark and handsome financially secure real man! Maybe she will meet him out of the country! Yes, Lizzy I had a brief psychic vision of you. I will email you late tonight. I’m going to try and directly send this post to you too, if I can.

Back to you guys. The best advice is to get your soulmate. The soulmate is a gift given before you were born. You might go through a lot of people before meeting them but that’s by design. You will never get to them if you don’t learn along the way from mistakes made. Which brings me to you. A true love wants you to succeed and be happy. They have no jealousy and they won’t try to control you. When you have or are with someone who’s behavior is controlling or physically and mentally abusive you need to get out. I have seen people who can’t or won’t. Won’t can’t be helped, can’t, can! Again this is a mind over matter. There are plenty of people and organizations that will help you. If your single it’s no problem. I do understand it’s a lot harder with kids. If you have kids it’s all more important that you get out. They will be happier and you will be a much stronger parent for them. I’m going to be honest, this stuff starts with parenting. You must give your kids the tools in order to stand up for themselves and take no shit! I can tell you stories and I’m about to!

So the guy I call my father or as I refer to him as Daddy! He’s not my biological father. I got him when I was 5 my brother was 4. As a step father he had a rocky road and he was nothing like my biological father. I’m like both of them put together. I have no traits of my mother, zero, zip, nada! Daddy had a rocky road because I was a tough kid to deal with plus God help you if you did something to my brother I didn’t like. I won’t get into the other 15 or so other brothers and sisters. My biological father was also military but he was not strict. He was very creative. He was Irish, he was a professional fighter, singer and artist. He has children all over the world. Hence the many brothers and sisters. He hung out with Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis who was his best friend. He was in his late 60s when my brother and I wore born. He was old, maybe older than that. He also picked the kids he liked. He liked me, my sister Cathy, Dinky, Chip and my brother Craig. He didn’t care for the rest of them and I heard all about from my other brother a few months ago. That brother Brian I feel was upset that he didn’t like him or Steven. The one thing my biological father taught me was take no crap! He certainly didn’t. I remember visitation on one of the weekends when he picked me up. He said he was going to pick up his paycheck and then go eat steak. He pulls up in his land boat a giant pale yellow Cadillac. He pats the bobble head Jesus on the dashboard and tells me not to get out of the car. He gets out and you hear the F words flying and he took out three men, one was his boss. The entire town of Pitman NJ knows who he is. The ball field there is named after my brother. Playing baseball runs in the family. It’s not named after him because he’s dead, it’s because he was so good. My biological father has some very bad traits, he was a drinker and slept with everything in sight. One time he got mad at Brian and Steven and left them at a park and drove away. They were little, who does that? He never beat my ass but again he liked me. He said out of all the kids I was like him. I don’t think that’s true. We would watch creature double feature together but even at a young age I didn’t take his crap, he taught me! He would take me to the bars he was singing in and the people all gave me money to sing with him or maybe to sit still and not talk! You see with him being so old he grew up in a very different time. Men were men and women, women. He couldn’t stomach what he would call a coward or other words he used. So when I was born he trained me to box. He told me don’t you come home crying or I will give you something to cry about. He said having a daughter they had to be trained. This is because my sister was murdered by a guy who was a cop. He was a serial rapist. That was Cathy. Cathy told the guy who you can find on Facebook that she was going to tell my dad. He knew if my father found out he would be dead. Everyone was afraid of him so he killed her. His name is Bill Mosbach he’s on Facebook and he shouldn’t be out. He lives in PA. I believe this is what made him beef it up on the toughness. My father shot him right in the courtroom. My father did more time than the serial murderer did! Thanks to Facebook we were able to track the Satanic piece of shit down. His day is coming. The reason he was let out in 6 months is because the state decided to create a program to study murderers like him. There are even interviews with the piece of shit. He said women need to keep their mouth shut so they don’t get killed! I have come face to face with him and he doesn’t even know it.Moving on to how being taught by both fathers not to take shit.

Like I said I was taught to take no crap but never be a bully. I would have had my ass handed to me for that. Morally I wouldn’t do anything like that anyway, it’s wrong. I was taught that. This is why I believe a child who’s a bully is not taught properly by their parents. That was instilled in me. My biological father as well as Daddy were both big into charity and Daddy was a Republican. My biological was a Democrat as was the rest of the family, again a different time. The one good thing I can say about the biological father is in his time there was a lot of racism going on. A black person didn’t dare live in Pitman. My father walked with his good friend who was black right through that town and trust me, no one said a word sideways! That man is also my Godfather. I think he started my fascination with black people at that age. Afros excited me! Now I know someone is going to say I’m racist, say what you want because let’s face it, everything is racist now. I just learned camping was racist! I only date white men, that’s my preference, not a racist thing. They better be clean cut looking too. I need to see work hands not a manicure! Is that racist? I could care less.

As time went on I was all I could be! That was me, Dee Dee. I had issues with people who I felt lacked logic or intelligence. At that time I had zero tolerance for them which got me in trouble, often. My attitude plus beliefs combined with my mother got me sent away. It left my poor brother to deal with her alone which I regret. Daddy was away working and since he hadn’t adopted us he had no say but he wasn’t happy. He knew my mother was fucked up. First up was various foster homes, 14 in total. These didn’t work out. There was no gray in my life. Things were black or white. This one foster home in Cape May Courthouse had an evil bitch as the foster mother. She had adopted two little Chinese twins, a boy and a girl. She treated them like slaves more so like animals. They were four years old. She took them for the money the state gave her to take them. It was a big pay out! Her name was Grace and there was no grace in her evil soul. She has three other grown kids. One son on drugs one daughter with morals like her mother and another son in his 20s. This whore would eat 4 cans of tuna at one time. One day I get up and she wants me to make her breakfast. While I’m feeding the pig her carton of eggs she takes off this wooden shoe and starts beating the two Chinese kids. I’m thinking I’m not going to last here, I’m not going to get through this. This lady is going to die, please Jesus help me! Then Jesus decided he was going to turn his head. She took these dog bowls out of the cabinet and put canned dog food in them. Then she grabbed the little kids and shoved their faces in the bowl! She began to beat them again. My body was moving before I even knew it and I grabbed the pot of coffee and smashed her face in with it! I just kept beating her with it. Honestly if there’s a show that represents me, it’s Dexter! Her daughter called the police and she told me I better run. I looked at both of those pieces of shit and said, NO! I will wait for them? I then lunged at that whore Grace again! I took both the Chinese kids outside with me and told them to tell the police and I showed them the marks all over their bodies. I don’t know what happened to the bitch. I don’t feel bad. That’s what I was taught to do. You stand up for what’s wrong! In one place, reform school because they were trying to find me a place , other incidents went on. To be honest there were hundreds but being taught properly I survived where others didn’t.

Getting to survival. In many of the foster homes there were predators. Most foster homes took kids in because they either wanted money, slaves or were child molesters. Sometimes, most times, you got all three. I watched and heard about many girls getting molested or raped. I wasn’t one of them. I remember one African raping a girl by telling her he would give her candy. He tried with me first and I told him I would ram his flashlight up his ass. I was 12. He didn’t look me again! For the haters, I say African because he was straight out of Africa, not Compton!

At 11 I was in one foster home where the DYFS worker told me to call her if anything was off or went wrong. You see, she knew she was placing me in a home with a child rapist. But, that’s the state for you! She drops me off but while she was there the people, three ladies were so nice to her. When she walked out the door the one lady said to me, stay away from my son. You white girls are nothing but trouble! Now one of the things the DYFS worker told me was no man was to be there and to call her if there was one. Again, they knew. That night it was time to get a bath and go to bed. They all went up one by one and took a bath. Then it was my turn. I go to let this horrible water out and the lady busts in. She told me we don’t waste water here! You have to get in that water. Needless to say I was a dirty girl until I got out of there a few days later. The next day the son shows up in the peach orchard where I was picking their peaches. The son sees me and wants to have sex or rape as I’m 11! I look him in the face and tell him I will rip his dick off! Needless to say, he walked, away and quickly. There were many of those instances. One guy, I bit his entire bottom lip off when he tried to stick his tongue down my throat. The bottom line is, if you toughen up your daughter’s people are not going to mess with them. Predators like those who won’t fight back. They all want an easy target, teach your daughters not to be one. Now, you have to teach your sons too!

What about mental survival? This goes a long way in life. I have customers who had bad lives growing up. They are dysfunctional today. You have to be tough. You have to move on. Let that crap go! You don’t want to be the next story on big mouth Oprah! One customer has been raped multiple times from multiple men. All these men she was in a relationship with, all of them beat her. At what point do you look for a different type of man? While I have a very understanding and compassionate ear,I need people to listen and take my advice. I just don’t have a lot of patience when trying to help people. To me things are just cut and dry. Get away from who’s abused you. Let shit go! To me it’s easy and I understand for some it’s not. If you don’t listen though you are holding yourself back in life! It’s always going to be mind over matter! Yes it takes strength, but you have it!

To sum it up. You can take control of not just your love life but your regular life. Curses depend on you! You want freedom in the supernatural world? Get rid of the trauma! Let that shit go!

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