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Marie Laveau

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Marie Laveau - The Enigmatic Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Marie Laveau is a renowned figure in the history of New Orleans. Known as the “Voodoo Queen,” she was a skilled priestess who continues to capture the imaginations of people around the world. While many are familiar with her reputation as a powerful and influential voodoo practitioner, there are several aspects of her life that are not well known.

Marie Laveau was born in 1801 in New Orleans, Louisiana. While little is known about her early life, it is believed that she came from a family of free people of color. She grew up in a city that was a melting pot of different cultures, where the practice of Voodoo was widespread. Marie Laveau’s spirituality and the psychic powers she possessed at a young age were believed to have been passed down to her from her ancestors.

Marie Laveau quickly gained a reputation as a powerful and skilled healer. People from all walks of life would come to her for remedies for various ailments, charms, spells, and protection. She was known for her striking presence, dressed in a colorful turban and carrying a snake. People spoke of her charisma and her ability to communicate with spirits. She was revered not just by the African American communities, but also by the white and Creole populations of New Orleans.

Marie Laveau’s reputation as an occult practitioner grew after the Civil War. It was rumored that she could cure diseases, bring lovers together or apart, help people win in court cases, and even raise the dead. The stories about her abilities were so compelling that she eventually became a legend in her own lifetime.

Aside from her magical abilities, Marie Laveau also used her power and status to do good for her community. She organized charities and provided assistance to the less fortunate. As an African-American woman in the pre-Civil War era of the United States, she was a trailblazer who broke barriers and challenged the social norms of the time. She was a figurehead for the oppressed and idolized by those who loved her.

There are many stories connected with Marie Laveau that have become legendary through word-of-mouth or published accounts. For example, it is believed by some that there were two women named Marie Laveau, a mother and daughter, who shared the same name and who both practiced voodoo. Some have claimed that they both were buried in the famous St. Louis Cemetery no.1, but there is no concrete proof for this theory.

Whether fiction or not, Marie Laveau’s influence over New Orleans voodoo continues to resonate today. The nature of her power, her role in the cultural and political landscape of antebellum Louisiana, and her individual history remain a subject of fascination, speculation, and interpretation.

Marie Laveau was a complex and enigmatic figure who defied social norms and created a powerful legacy in New Orleans. Her abilities in Voodoo earned her the title, “Voodoo Queen”, but her good works and altruism stand out as well. Her life and involvement in the spiritual, social, and political realms of New Orleans continue to make her an intriguing subject of study and interest centuries later. I met with Ms. Laveau and I liked her very much! We actually had a lot in common. I don’t believe her to be dead. That’s a hard one to explain right now.

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