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Medium session & New items

These are the new items.

Shipping is today. You will know when you are packed up because you will receive an email from the website.

If you won a Friday prize please make sure you text,  message or email me with your name you use for mailing and your full address.

If you ordered fairy seeds you have a free gift and your seeds are coming. Please message, text or email me with your state and again full mailing address. These are made for your growing region.

If you have been trying to email me please always try in the morning or text me with who you are. I finally found the person I need to email tomorrow. Lori yours is coming. Light body I need to search for yours. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to you but I will. Please send me that email again on the emails. I have business Gmail. I’m not sure if it will work on that.

For those we have been waiting on me. Sorry. I apologize for the wait. We have had a family issue for the last few days. Unfortunately it’s going to take a few more days to straighten it out. Either way I know you guys can’t for items and you won’t. We are shipping today. Also tonight late we will have a medium session. If you are looking to speak to someone  who has passed just send me your name. Do NOT send any information as to who you wish to speak to. If you do that it can be said the session was fake. I don’t ask anyone any questions. I don’t speak in riddles either. The spirits don’t give us letters or guesses! They speak like you and I except that I can see them clearly and hear them at the same time.  I can hear them, see them and they communicated both in hearing and telepathically. If you tell me I want to speak to my aunt and her name is …. And she lived in …. I will NOT ask for that person. This is because I can be called a fake or there is doubt. When a spirit decides to speak they don’t want doubt. They should also tell you something that only you would know or something private that there is no way I could fake. This is because they really have something to say! They want you to listen or hear them! I don’t

do this often but I know that someone has been trying to get through for days now so I will do it tonight. Please only send me your name and it can be a nickname that your relative called you, that is fine.

Here are the new items.

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Mar 14

Hope the family issue gets resolved & isn't too hectic Dee Dee.

What are fairy seeds? I don't recall that posting.

Also, I had won a Friday prize & found an Egg 🥚 on my most recent order. Yay❣


Same here Dee Dee… Name is Emirose Niro or Emi for short… I hope I’m not too late…


Family issues I understand that way too well to an infuriating degree


@Dee Dee I've got a mediumship request one for me and one for my partner


• Genry Denzel Alegado Dela Pena

• Nickname: Denzel, kamag-anak, apo


• Ellie Robinson

• Nickname: Angie

I wonder what wisdom or anything else they'll bestow

I'll also send you a text about the Friday prize on the wix chat box

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