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New items and tipping!

No Tipping! New Items!

Hello everyone and Good Morning!  Please no tipping! I know there is a tipping place on one or two of the websites. We appreciate it but don’t expect or want it. One of the employees put that on there. I tip when I go out for service as in restaurants, hair salons etc but these are websites and it’s not needed. It seems everywhere you go and no matter what it is someone is asking for a tip. Most times they are asking for what they get paid to do anyway. I believe in tipping! I tip well but again, it’s not needed here. My staff are also paid very well, a real living wage. Please take your money and buy yourself something, a drink, a cartoon of eggs! I’m going to give you the same service no matter if you tip or don’t. I’m still going to send free items every now and then.  For those of you who have sent tips I thank you, I appreciate it and you ARE LOVED! But please, no more. What I will say is if the post office keeps going up I will have to up my eBay postage but that’s about it. Speaking of EBay the multiple user ID freak has been busted! Enjoy bidding! Here are your new items including EBay auctions. If you see something on the website you would like to see on auction let me know. There is still a coupon good for two websites tunnel2light and miracles and marvels. That coupon is spring23.

I think I got them all but more will go on today. Also make an offer on the Bishops ring! That’s a once a lifetime piece. I get a few different things that are rare and that’s certainly one of them. Updates will be given on that late tonight.

Enjoy your weekend and get out while the weather is good!

Dee Dee

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