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New items, shipping. Etc.

To everyone, I’m shipping today.  That’s exciting for you! This includes those who went for the cash app deal.  For those who I had to either, find or make stuff, that too is going out. If I texted you that I’m waiting on stuff you are the only ones not going out. Adrienne I did not forget that bag of stuff I need to show you. I know what you like 😁! My wonderful friend on FB business who bought from me on cash app, I pulled a giant unopened box from the underground auction! Denzel and Nick, you will be done by Wednesday.  Gordo, you too I have your stuff.  For the rest of you, I have one of a kind living items! These two pieces are truly amazing! One antique and one vintage! The write ups should go on today. I also placed a recording up ( which was seriously unprofessional) but it is a contacting of a spirit that you can hear talk. I was so frustrated trying to get it from a file to YouTube that I only put one up. I have others where one spirit helped to make these rings, I still need to get that up. To get them on recording we open up a portal. The one woman doesn’t like me because I went after her. I can see them in physical form. She doesn’t like me because I told her to get out after she shoved Hatchie off a chair and tried to terrorize her. She was 4 years old! And I won’t put up with that. She never left but she knows I can see her and is now afraid to show herself but she will speak.  Anyway, look for your shipping and a bunch of new items!

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I always wonder what this underground auction events are like and who hosts these events often

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Ghost lady didn't sound nice at all.

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Luck is probably a factor.

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