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This piece is a crown jewel.  A lot of people who work in the field that we work in will search tirelessly day and night to come up with one of these pieces and they will not.  I'm not saying that this to brag or to make anybody else feel inferior. I'm saying this because I want those of you who are reading this to understand exactly what it is you are getting here.  The piece is not ancient, but it holds ancient magic that has existed since the beginning of time.

This piece is not one of holy, divine, or religious nature.  However, it does have its roots in religion. I mean, it goes back to the beginning of time and anything that is that old is bound to have something to do with Adam and Eve.  They are the parents of humanity. As most of you know, the story goes that Adam was created by God and then out of Adam's rib God created woman. She was actually the second woman, but that's for a different conversation.  Therefore, as the bible states, it was man that was created to rule over all of creation, which is why it was also man that God chose to place this power into. Sorry, ladies. It's nothing personal. I'm just reiterating how things went.

It was into Adam that God placed a secret strand of DNA that would allow him to achieve awakening.  This awakening was simple but very powerful. It was the ability to absorb the magic around him. This included all sorts of magic.  It included the magic that came from the Earth from the stars. It included the magic that existed on the Earth in the streams and the rivers and the fields.  It was a secret-- and I mean very secret-- agreement among God and Adam that he would have that ability. I mean, after all, God felt compelled to help Adam after he was tricked by his own wife, Eve, into eating the forbidden fruit.

So, what am I getting at?  It wasn't that the magic that God bestowed upon Adam was a magic that was bestowed upon all men.  Rather, this gift was only bestowed upon Adam. It was the greatest gift and it was Adam's responsibility to find a successor to carry the gift.  Indeed the passing of the gift did carry pandemonium. It is recorded all throughout the Bible, but you wouldn't know it simply from reading its passages.  It was the passing of the gift that caused Cain to slay Abel after Abel received it for his offering. It was the gift that caused Jacob to trick his father and receive Esau's blessing.  It was the gift that caused Abraham and Sarah to long for a child. It was the gift that caused Joseph's brothers to be jealous of him. It was the gift that caused the Jewish people to become violently jealous of Jesus.  You see, it went on like this.   

It wasn’t until after Jesus had already risen from the grave and passed this gift onto his disciples that things began to get hairy.  Just like most things with religion, the gift became apostate. I’m not saying that gift was necessarily used for evil purposes. I’m simply saying that the integrity of the bloodline of Adam was compromised.  It wasn’t that Jesus compromised it, the disciples did. They became Jesus’ bloodline when the held direct communion with him, so it was his followers that botched it somehow. I’ll be honest with you, it’s not really clear where it went wrong.  What we do know for certain is that the gift became the centerpiece for a group of very wealthy and powerful men that calls itself the Traveling Gentlemens Club. Indeed this club is very prestigious and very selective when it comes to who it allows to join their ranks.

I’ll be honest, I kind of understand why they are so choosy with who they allow in their order.  The gift if the most powerful ability that one could ever acquire simply because it contains everything.  It allows those who have received it to absorb power and magic like a sponge. Don’t think for a second that those people who are part of the Traveling Gentleman’s Club didn’t use this to their advantage.  They have literally traveled the world to every place of power so that way they could absorb the magic and the abilities that are offered. They have traveled from places like the Pyramids of Egypt to the Taj Mahal.  They have visited Stonehenge, Easter Island, and even the Underground Catacombs in Paris. They have met with vampires, werewolves, powerful sorcerers, witches, warlocks, and Mayan High Priests. They have traveled to Nepal and Tibet to observe and acquire the magical powers that exist in the Himalayan Mountains.  They’ve seen Ayers Rock in Australia and they have even been to Roswell, New Mexico to check out the residual energies of the spacecraft that crashed there.

The Traveling Gentlemen’s Club has acquired the magic of people like Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory, the Ba’al Shem, Marie Laveau, Anton Lavey, Aleister Crowley, Napoleon, Khafre the Great, Pharaoh of Egypt, Nostradamus, Rasputin, Helene Blavatsky, Marie Antoinette, and the list goes on and on.  They have sat at the table with members of the Freemasons, the Knights of the Rosy Cross, the Illuminati, the original Enlightened Ones, the Red and the Green Society, the Cathars, and many others. They have used the Gift to absorb the powers of every person, place, and thing they have come in contact with.  They have been around for a very, very long time and, as you can imagine, they have grown in power to match the number of years that they have been on Earth. Some of them live eternally and some of them live their human lives and die naturally. Immortality is a choice or them, as it will be for the person who ends up with this piece.

As I said earlier, this secret society is a society exclusively for gentlemen.  It isn’t like they are the He-man Woman Haters Club, they just believe that God instilled this intelligence into men and that this is where it should stay.  The men that are currently part of the group have been hand-picked and initiated by the previous members of the Club. They have been chosen from among the elite— the Hellfire Club, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, so on and so forth.  There is no agenda to want to rule the world, only a deep-rooted interested in acquiring and absorbing as much power and magic as possible. They have literally managed to copy and acquire every single form of magic that is known on Earth and even quite a bit from beyond.  They are extremely powerful people— some of these most powerful, if not the most powerful people on Earth.

This is the part where I tell everyone that I am not the one that acquired this piece.  Rather Deedee is the one who acquired by disguising herself. I’m not talking disguised like that one time she made me wear a wig, nightgown, and walker to an auction so people would think I was an old lady and I wouldn’t get bid up.  She used Grade A magic, rerouted an invitation and assumed the identity of somebody who was invited to meet with the Club in Maryland of all places. How they didn’t know is beyond me. Deedee also has some very powerful magic, as most of you already know.  Deedee told me that when she rolled up to the meeting it wasn’t anything that she expected it to be. She expected some ritzy, red-carpet style meeting. Instead what she was greeted with was a driver that dropped her off in what looked like a salvage yard. The sign and sigil for the Gentlemen’s club were painted on a door, so she went knocked the way they told her to and she was allowed in.  On the inside it was bare. There was merely a table with chairs and that was it. She can’t really remember too much of the rest that went on. She said she remembers some type of third party entity being there. She said she remembers some kind of ritual involving serpents and then a man that didn’t have a face and who had scales for skin, but that’s all she can really remember other than she came out of it with this piece.

This piece is an official initiation ring of the Traveling Gentlemen’s Club.  It holds all of their knowledge and the magic they have acquired throughout the ages and their tenure on Earth.  This includes the magic of various types of powerful men. Let me be very clear— this ring does not give you an initiation into the Traveling Gentlemen’s Club.  Rather, it gives you their powers and their abilities and the thousands of different types of magic that they have managed to absorb over the years to claim as their own.  This piece is not a piece that is going to work overnight, so if you are one of those that is going to email three hours after getting it to tell me that it hasn’t turned you into a space-walking werwolf, then this piece isn’t for you.  This piece creates astounding results for those of you who are patient and able to work the magic, power, and energies of this piece. It will bring you the results you are looking for, but you must be willing to do the work. I mean, the work isn’t terribly hard, but it must be done.  Also, patience is key, as this is deep-rooted magic and will need time to develop it into the most powerful magic, suited to your own body and designed for what you want it to do.

The buyer/winner for this piece will receive instructions upon purchase.

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