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Other Sellers Items + New items.

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Other Sellers Items

Hello everyone and I hope you are all having a great weekend!

I have added some new items last night which I will advertise now. I also added some other items early in the week I didn’t get to advertise and I will add them as well. The Bishops ring is back and ready to go! You can make an offer on it. A write up will be coming in the next few days on what it did for its current owner and more of what I experienced with it. You can look for that to be up soon on a blog post located at

Other sellers items. I had a very nice lady that has bought off of me for about 15 plus years. She contacted me about two weeks ago and has decided to stick strictly with Jesus, God and the Bible. This is  great! She did send to me boxes of stuff to resell, give away or do whatever I want to with it. Some items are being sold, some are being given away.  Many sellers are going to have a hissy fit but that’s not my problem. I will not be releasing their names unless I can’t help it. One such seller is Von Strepple. I have to look at the item for spelling so please excuse if it’s spelled wrong. Many of these items are coming from what has coined the term The Witch Wars.  I do know who most of these sellers are. Von Strepple upon doing some research was also another seller still operating today, under a different name of course. I have seen this happen many times. Not my baby, not my business.  What I have found doing quick research is that they are no longer in business and it seems to end in 2012. I’m only telling you about that seller because some items have their name on them and can’t be removed. There is a lot more I found out but I will leave it at that. Nothing the lady sent me is dark but some items are dual.  Some of the items do have stickers saying what the items are and the seller. I will be removing those stickers. I will be leaving what is in them already alone but adding to many of them. I can tell you that these “ items” when sold went into the hundreds. I will NOT be selling them for that amount of money and nor will I tell you who the seller was, don’t ask.  I don’t speak bad about other sellers. What I will do is sellers I know, I will speak good about them and have already.  If you recognize and item good for you. Then you will know a lot about it and will recognize what those prices were and KNOW the deal you are getting!  So get ready to buy. These items will be marked as other sellers items.  Also please notice, the please read section after every listing. I put them on my own to get used to it. These will definitely be on the other items. All email communication will also have that statement now as well. Maybe those sellers would want their items back, somehow I do doubt that though.

Here is the listing of my items I put up in the last few days.

That eBay ring ends in 15 hours from now.

That pendant ends in one day.

The Buddha ends in one day and 15 hours.

This coin ends in 15 hours.

This gold coin ends in 11 hours.

The doll ends in 11 hours.

This doll ends in 9 hours.

This doll ends in one day and a few hours.

That is it! More will go on today. Enjoy your weekend and reading! If you are looking for something, let me know. There’s probably a 98 percent chance I have it!

For those waiting on a custom item I’m working on it and it’s almost done.

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