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Racist Rant, New Items, Thank you’s and more.

In this email you will see all the new items and shipping updates. I will also be emailing those I needed to in the last few days. No one has been forgotten and honestly, usually I can’t say that! I have however been very focused because I had way too much time off during the holidays! I want to also thank those who sent me gifts, BW! I loved what you sent me. I want to thank those who tipped but you never need to do that! This is my job and I never expect that and I can’t get it off that site. From now on if I see the tip I’m going to send you something extra because you don’t need to do that. I would rather you take that money and get something for yourself.

For shipping. I got almost all of you out but I forgot one lady. Her email on the website wasn’t working. Oslana I’m shipping you tomorrow. Adrienne I’m emailing you and Nick as soon as this goes out. Byron please tell me what you like! I have been looking forever and if not for yourself something for your daughter. I have some stuff in mind but I need to text you first.

If I’m working with you still Muhammad, don’t worry you still get that discount. Take your time, no rush.

Siar I do have your text but I have been inundated with emails, packing and regular work. I will text you today after emails.

Leslie W. You will have a package coming to you as will Denzel P. Alison S. You won a package over the Facebook postings but I couldn’t get a hold of you so it will come with what you ordered. I hope you enjoy it.

Eric, I will text you later tonight. I agree with what you’re saying, all the way!

Shipping for my international customers will go out tomorrow or Tuesday. Some of you I will be emailing to ask a few questions. If you don’t get one from me when you see it sent, it’s on its way.

Some of you have asked what the little packet is I sent to you. It’s an immune booster and vitamin C. You just eat it. It’s not magical it’s just a free gift for you along with other items I send. The money I sent is for good luck.

Now onto other matters.  I have to address the nasty racist and his emails. Usually I don’t post anyone’s email but if you are so brave behind your computer it’s time to take the hood off! He paid for a Templar item and I refused to sell it to him because of his nastiness. I was right not to, my business and I can refuse service and will continue to do so on those type of people.  He first started out with attacking Jewish people. He called me a Kike and then went on to say he wished them all dead and their rat spawned children.  This can’t be tolerated! I have no room for this. He then went on about niggers. I’m not going to hide the word, this is what he used. This will also not be tolerated! I have many more emails where he goes on about everyone that’s not white. He is a disgrace to his race! It’s good he showed himself as I feel it’s better to know who these people are than not know. It would be hard to imagine people actually walking around like him but they do. You can see it in the news when Jewish people are being attacked physically even in NJ. We just had a family attacked. This is disgusting. He went on about Muslims and Asians. There are plenty of BS social media that put out crap about Muslims. Why? Do people really think they are all bad or have an agenda? Do people really think Asians you see here in the United States are out to give you viruses. Come on! Yes China had the lab but our own politicians had their hands in the pot. I’m sure most of you know who I’m talking about. The idea is to cause everyone to hate everyone else. You focus on others while taking the focus off those in power who are really doing the damage and it’s called diversion. If you fight amongst each other you never focus on the real issues. Just seeing these idiots marching against the Jewish people shows me just how stupid they really are. Look how many wars the US is in right now? Do you think this is by accident? I will never forget two things in my life. The day those Marines came off the plane in coffins and Biden looking at his watch. I will never forget Hillary saying, what difference does it make? Well honey it makes a lot of difference just not to you because it wasn’t your family.  Be vigilant and know your surroundings and who you are dealing with. Things are not always as they seem and others times, it’s just what you do see!

And now, your new items!

If you want to wait for shipping let me know. I have stuff coming I want to add onto the packages. It’s no big deal but I think they are cool!

You all have a great Sunday!

These are the new items.

The above link has many available in different designs so I’m not going to put up every link for them.

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Jan 22

Dee Dee, I question the for women too product because Lilith who was Adam's first wife, was his equal. That means in every way. So she would have had that ability too.

Also biological studies have proven all human fetuses are developed as female first in development.


I hope that racist person learns his lesson I have something similar to with what's going on with my partner who works in a different company I hope you can find them a way to teach them a lesson as also everyone in this community

Replying to

Would it be a bad idea to include them with my harassing person issue?

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