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Shipping and new items

It's spring now so we are on the move! We have a ton of places lined up and some rare things to go on. One of the items when you see it will really make you think! I can't want to show it to you and get a few really important blog posts on!

Shipping! A lot of it has gone out and more will go out not tomorrow but the following day. Thats Saturday. My shipper has to hit the regular post and FedEx so please be patient as we have a lot of orders.

I have taken to shipping every morning so I'm not behind but we had three investigations this week alone, the next one is tomorrow. This is why shipping will go out again Saturday.

The one found egg on the website, if you found it and I know you did email me, please do so again. Sorry for that inconvenience but with so many emails I can't find who my winner is!

I added three items to EBay tonight and the websites will have items added again on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great upcoming weekend!

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