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We are shipping this weekend and everything will go out Monday. Today and tomorrow I’m adding items on. I gave a bunch of items coming in sterling that will be 38.00. I will get them on before the weekend. I will be restocking items not seen on HC to tunnel2light or miraclesandmarvels. I haven’t been on in a while because of testing certain items plus it’s warmer so we have had three investigations. One was really weird but after testing I was excited! Enjoy your day!

Dee Dee

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All New Items!

All new items! Yes we do layaway. Use your new coupon code! Definitely check out the two mystery boxes and some of the other items. I didn’t forget the honey. It will ship out mid July. RS please let

All shipping is out! Yea!!

You will see your shipping marked sent in a few hours. Boy, it has been a rough week! I hope yours is as better! The investigation was grueling, the people horrible and the spirits in trauma! I’m glad

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Would be interesting to see more furniture metaphysical imbued pieces

Gefällt mir

Ooh I like anything weird and mysterious Dee Dee! I hope you guys had fun testing.. Have a great day ❤️

Gefällt mir
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