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Some Definitions

A guide to buying from my websites.

I need to go over some meanings of some of the items. There seems to be some confusion for some which is my fault. This helpful guide should clear it all up, hopefully, if it’s read.

Alive or living pieces. These pieces are the absolute best most of the time. Note, I said most but not all of the time. What an alive or living piece is, is one that lives and breathes as we do. It’s a piece that is and has always been no matter it’s vessel. It can and most times is in a antique vessel. Again, this isn’t all the time but most. I have plenty of living pieces in modern jewelry and in other items. The difference is that I nor anyone I work with can place them there. The piece itself decides that. Because the spirit or energy needs no help it is extremely powerful. Some examples of this are pieces of immortality, religious pieces and some really off the wall stuff. Another example can be generational pieces which would include hair pieces, memorial pieces and even passed down modern jewelry if the original owner was an occultist or some other practitioner. A living or alive piece will interact with you as if it’s your twin or soulmate. What I’m saying is it will walk beside you and be part of you. This is nothing like a possession. If you walked up to a full length mirror and placed your hands on it, that looks like you are  blending.  That is how easy it is to work with a living piece. It’s easy because it blends with you and knows what you need and want. Keep in mind though, it only does what is described in the listing,

Cloned or copied. A cloned piece or a copy is something we can duplicate. There is not a set power on those pieces. I can also say strength, nothing is set in stone. Examples are the 38 dollar pieces. These are copies of well known power, it doesn’t matter where it came from.  A old man could have embedded a strength magic in something when he was in the war but yet he left no piece of him with it. What you have left is the strength, luck and motivation to survive and all those can be duplicated. Let’s talk about a expensive copy and why it is copied. There are usually three reasons or more that this happens. The first reason must always be present and that is that it’s so powerful that using some of it is not even missed because it regenerates. So, it must be able to regenerate. If it won’t or can’t, we don’t do it and it must not lessen the power. Another reason we do it is to put it simply, sometimes we sell to idiots. We honestly don’t want what could be considered a national treasure destroyed or lost forever. I may like it’s original vessel so I make a duplicate. We may also make one or many in case someone loses what they bought. Last but not least sometimes people fight over pieces. This happens a lot more than you would think. I have had someone curse me out because THEY didn’t buy an item right away and someone else did!

Religious pieces. Simple. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. The miracle you need or the guidance will be given to you. Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhism doesn’t matter. The vessel doesn’t matter either. It’s going to work. The next question will be “ what if I don’t believe or have no faith” Trust me, no one is waiting on you. What is will always be and you play no part in it. You can believe you’re a Dalmatian but you are not, and nothing will change that. Nothing will change the powers that be in the heavens.

Revenge pieces or Karma pieces.  They work. Don’t underestimate them. The problem with them is a little like faith, sometimes you are not there to see it. Trust me, it’s real. There will be times when you see it but never laugh at the person because it’s a learning experience and you don’t want one!

I will add more later but for now this is it. I do have more to add so check back.

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