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The private group is up.

If you're into the darkest of what goes on just beneath the surface request to join. Members may invite others who they feel will contribute. Brains and ideas, cracking codes to find out a lot!

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Who needed the seeds? They are ready!

GY you are shipped! Please let me know who gets the angel wing in sterling! But please tell me next time you don’t get your package because I have tracking on that and it shows delivered, I like my bu

Rare item, Shipping & coupon

These are the new items on EBay but they are rare! The Patrick Flanagan piece is original and belonged to him. This is the only one he made and it was for himself, I have had this for years and began


Hello Everyone its Dragonbreath how can anyone not realize this is brainwashing ----- 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉NerdWallet Stages a Funny, Futuristic Musical

Make your financial dreams come true

By David Gianatasio on Dec 26 2023 - 5:00am

Beware the pitfalls of a misspent youth! And we do mean misspent. Because there's no time like the present to make financial plans for the future.

In a spot that broke on Christmas Day, NerdWallet stages a time-trippy musical set in 2074. That's a half-century hence, when millennials and Gen Z will account for most of the elderly population.

"Future You" finds seniors bemoaning their monetary regrets. They advise their younger selves to take nothing for granted—and use NerdWallet's tools and services, of course.

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NerdWallet | Future You


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Laugh at it if you Must but its no Joke there making fun of us and this is only one Example of these Celebrities,High Profile People and Organizations that do this kind of thing just letting others know that.


HELLO My Name is Dragonbreath one of the last Shining Knights of the Ancient past. Am I the only one that see's these Articles or What these sick deranged minded scientists are making it obvious there behind the Coronavirus how can no one see this. Four Years on, the Mysteries of Covid Are Unraveling

Are superdodgers real? Is Covid seasonal? And what’s behind its strangest symptoms? Here’s what we’ve learned.

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CreditCredit...Erik Winkowski

By Knvul Sheikh

March 9, 2024

When the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic in March 2020, nearly everything about the novel coronavirus was an open question: How was it spreading so quickly? How sick would it make people? Would a…


I am interested in the private group as well


Would like to join.


Hi EMI I have some items coming very soon . I am planning on attending commutation via a K2 meter. I will post results.

Have a good week everyone.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
Feb 29
Replying to

I love using the meters! Wait until you place it by the piece you just bought! I don’t want to say what it is because I keep what people buy confidential but it’s the one you just bought!

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