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The Underground

I named this blog what I did for a reason. You will get to read about what goes in investigations and other adventures.

I‘m going to start with the last underground auction since I’m about to go to another one. I have seen some unbelievable things which is nothing new but the last one was down right creepy! There are only two underground auctions, that’s it. One is in the United States and the other is in Germany, I go to both. I am the only seller who is allowed to go. It’s not that I’m special it’s that I knew someone who got me in years ago. The rest of the people are buyers for their own private collections.

This brings me to something I need to clear the air about. I was told about another website using haunted curiosities on their website and claiming they go to underground auctions. They have pretty much tried to copy my website. I don’t and won’t tell anyone where to shop. I will tell you those claims are false. I know the people who run the two auctions and they will not allow another seller if retail or any seller to attend. I just got lucky, end of story. I did ask just in case the policy changed and it did not. They did not allow another seller in. They don‘t want the market flooded. My guess is those items are not real. People will have to figure that out for themselves. A person can always verify how long they have been in business and compare it to how long I have. The truth will be clear. While I believe in live and let live, I don’t believe in theft of another persons work.

With that being said, let’s get right to the creepy stuff!

This last underground auction was good and as always unusual but, there’s a big but! People who attend these are always checked out. A full background check including spying on your social media is done. That part pisses me off a little but I do understand it. The reason for the full background check and social media check is to make sure you are not a journalist doing a piece. Also to make sure your not police is my guess and because if you are part of that group at some point you must host. I know exactly when I have to host. I must allow for 12 accommodations as well. This means wherever I host at least 12 people must be able to spend the night. I will be renting a big house in Florida for mine. This doesn’t mean I run it or get to collect any money but I set up feed people and make sure it’s as luxurious as possible.

Now that you know that part in the United States they are always held in Florida. In Germany they are held in different places. I will start with the last host. Creepy!! No lie! The auction was held out in BFE with nothing really around and it was held in a sort of warehouse. There were multiple warehouses on the property and one was turned into a house and it was very nice! The host however was a weirdo! They had the entire place bugged. They were listening in on all conversations. I found out when a guest and I had a very serious and personal conversation. When I went downstairs the next day the host asked me how the situation was going. There was no way they could have heard us. While that was creepy enough the things in the auction were as bad.

Have any of you seen some of the videos where a python eats or has eaten a human? I’m telling you about that so you can imagine what I saw. In that auction I was able to buy a ring made of Lucifer. I think it’s still on the website or maybe it sold, I’m not sure. The ring had the skin of the snake he was in the Garden of Eden. At that same auction in a giant aquarium the size of a small room was a snake. There was no water in the tank and the entire set up was up for auction. The snake inside was as wide as a human and at least 10 feet long or more. Sounds kind of normal right? Nope! You see the snake looked normal until you saw that it didn’t have a snake head but a human pale face with fat rolls all over it. It looked like a grub worm. It rolled over and made these awful noises that were greatly disturbing. On its belly were bald patches where skin was pulled from it. That’s the skin on that ring. Someone sprayed water on the wall of the tank and it took its bubbling tongue and licked it off. After that it spoke. The language was nothing I heard before but we all could understand it. If your wondering if someone bought that thing, they did! As I understand it you can make it repeat stuff and it must have over to you anything you want! However, it must be fed. Let’s just say, this wasn’t a piece for me! Heck, you can’t even call that a piece. It’s just what they call them in the auction. Some of things that are in those auctions I can’t even repeat here. I was very lucky if you want to look at it that way to get in those years ago. Everyone is very suspicious before you get permission to attend. I don‘t know if you noticed or not but I never said what you had to feed that snake. There are no pictures allowed unless you have bought the item. Even then you must take what you bought off the grounds before you can use a camera.

I will say I’m about to get the description catalog for the one coming up. I have already heard some things about it. Hybrids! Not aliens though. I will have to see. The one other item that stands out in my mind was the piano they called Lucifer. That was mind blowing! Another interesting thing is the people. We are not allowed to reveal names in publications. We can talk in person about things but no TV, video or books, etc. I can tell you that I have gotten to know many people who are well known and some who are not. No matter how well known they are it doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is when you meet those running certain aspects of things. I honestly have to watch what I say. There is not free speech like you think anymore. I was explaining a certain group to people and was warned about it. I didn’t promote it or say to join it but I was warned. You can email me privately and I will tell you what it was about. It’s also what led me to open up two other websites. I can also tell you the world is getting crazy and those crazy people, I know some of them. I wouldn’t call them friends but we have had lunch and dinner together. Would I trust them with my life, no. Would I trust them not to do evil crap or to contribute to the worlds problems, no! That’s about as far as I can go with it on here. Let me help you fully understand. Last week Project Veritas was given a diary that belonged to Ashley Biden and apparently it has some very damaging stuff in it. This is what is being reported. Project Veritas couldn’t confirm that it belonged to her so they refused to report on it. To me, that’s good journalism. Later on a news agency shoved a camera in some of the staffs face and asked them about the diary. Later that night the FBI busted into their offices and took a bunch of stuff. You have to be careful. I probably better end this here.

I will give more updates on things I have seen. The post will be about how to get the items you have working as you want them to.

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