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This just in from the racist POS!

This is from the guy who wanted the Templar ring. What a lovely person!

Fuck you nigger wasn’t rude . You obviously did not want to send me the product as you had PLENTY of time to organize the shipment. FUCK YOU KIKE

Then my response to that. I was half asleep when I saw it so

there are some errors but you will get what I mean. We don’t have time nor will give it to racist people on this website. I hate to use that word since certain political groups use it for everything but in this case it’s definitely warranted!

First of all Mr. Nigger I’m not a Kike but the proper word is Jewish of which I’m not. However if I was I certainly wouldn’t mind. I am however glad you sent me the third email. This shows me you certainly were not ready for such a piece. Still, it would have been sent had your first email not come off do disgusting rude with your PayPal comments. The worst though is apparently you are a racist. I’m glad to know this as I feel people shouldn’t hide their true feelings. It’s always good to know your enemy. Now if you don’t mind, please wonder back to whatever dark aged hole wou crawled out of and kindly put yourself out if the misery you try to bring other. Please have an unpleasant night. 

From all of us at HC.

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