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Connecting With Your Items

What does it mean when you can’t connect with your item? Most times a seller will tell you to meditate. Is the seller just passing the buck? Do they blame you for the inactivity? I can only recommend one seller which is Cathy Ellis. I find her to be a real person, honest and like me, she doesn’t hide. Plus have you guys seen some of that food she cooks! I’m about to make her my best friend! I honestly think she better get out of the metaphysical business and open a restaurant I can go to! Seriously, I’m a foodie and a great gourmet cook but lately I haven’t had the time. Cathy has given me fantasies of when I had good food! I know two others but I don’t know if they care if I put their names here so I don’t. I can also tell you I had to contact CreepyHollows last month about an issue with a dangerous customer and the customer service was super fast!

So how do you meditate? Are there other ways of making your items work? You bet your BuffaloBumblenuts there are! I’m going to go over many scenarios to help you out. I’m going to talk about everything from time travel to your spirits! So let’s go!

Does meditation mean you have to wrap your legs like a pretzel and golf ball your vajayjay? No! Do you need to place your fingers in some strange gang signal and yell OMMM? No! All meditation is, is a way to relax you. Heck, you could roll a blunt, get a massage, have sex or take your bare feet to the Earth, sit and relax. I will tell you what works for me. You will find what works for you and then apply it to the different items you have.

While I write this I’m listening to Al Green, I love my Motown music along with many others. Anyway… I’m sitting here taking someone to Chemo. Do I think I could cure them, YES!!!! And YES!!! The problem is they don’t believe in it so it’s a hard subject to bring up. Maybe I should just bring it up. I believe this is a gift God gave me. I have cured people before, 100 percent cured! No, I’m not advertising and no, I don’t charge. These are just my thoughts as I sit here writing this. Maybe we can all do this? I realized it a few years ago. It wasn’t coincidence, I kept doing it. There is definitely something to what we as whole souls can do but that’s not what this post is about. You guys know how I am, I get off track. My brain works in some very mysterious ways! I could read anything at two years old and had full comprehension. Nice right? Well in Kindergarten when everyone could count past 10 I couldn’t! You would have thought I was retarded or whatever the term is now. Speaking of terms Twatter asked me for my pronoun, I wanted to say FU! I’m not playing this psycho nut job game! Not making fun of anyone it’s just terms keep changing and I can’t keep up. Right now I don’t know if I’m evolving or if my brain has changed but now I have a memory that is insane! Not only that but I can do math in my head, seriously complicated shit too! It’s strange. Even with all that sometimes I can’t spell the word it. How the hell can’t you spell it? IT happens!

Back to the meditation. I never knew this but I have been meditating all along. It just happens differently. For me when I drive down a non busy highway for long periods I get all kinds of psychic visions, all accurate. If I have a ball game on, the noise is relaxing and again I get visions. The bottom line is relaxation, having an uncomplicated brain for a little while. Just try to lay back in your favorite chair and just breathe out for a second and stop thinking about all the bullshit and worry in your life, just for a few moments. That’s honestly all it takes. While you do that, have your piece with you.

What about spirits? Spirits are complicated as each has their own personality. You have to talk to them! It’s a 100 percent must! What if you walked into someone’s home and they didn’t speak to you are make you welcome? Do you just chat on or do count down the minutes until you can get the hell out of there? Exactly! Spirits are nothing more than you and I with out a physical body, that’s it! Again though you have to open that part of the brain to see them. For women it’s a lot easier during certain times of the month when you are hit by hormones.

What do the spirits seek from you? Now no one wants to hear this but it’s time to get real, get into the emotional aspect of it. I have seen dead people since I was born, probably why I’m a bit eccentric? All of them are different and everyone of them becomes psychic in death. They know who can see them and who can’t. It’s not that you can’t, it’s will you freak the hell out!? My brother like myself can/ could see them. He doesn’t now because when he was very little a dead woman scared him, not on purpose but she did. She shot herself in the head and briefly appeared that way. She used to sit on my bed all night long. I never minded her and we talked all night long. Good thing even as a kid I never needed much sleep! Even now I only need exactly 4 hours total. She always appeared to be in her 70’s. She was in full physical form and I could feel and touch her. When we moved she stayed behind and didn’t follow us. She was a trapped soul. I hope someone else came along and made her happy. She was a nice lady and to this day I miss her. All spirits carry with them the same personality in death as in life. If they were an asshole in life, they will be an asshole in death. This is a 100 percent fact! Take it or leave it! You are also going to deal with whatever emotional problems they have. That at this time doesn’t go away. I say at this time for a reason. I won’t get into that now. When I offer up spirits they are willing to go with you because of these problems. Meaning you won’t have issues with them but you MUST talk to them, welcome them, be nice! The first thing you should do is welcome them and tell them you are not afraid of them. If you are though, they will know.

What are the pieces we call Living Pieces? These are pieces that just are. No one made them and for whatever reason they hold either a spirit or some supernatural paranormal power. They just are. Those pieces should and do work for anyone.

What is a block and I have been told I have one? If someone told you that you have a block they must know your history. A block can come from many places. As a child we’re you traumatized by an encounter of the supernatural? Spirit or otherwise? That can be the problem. In that case to rid yourself of it you should relive it over and over again until it means nothing. Another one is your past life. Most people can’t recall their past life but to connect often what happened then, is an issue now. Again you must relive it, rid it, comes to terms with it and move on. Yes, past lives are real. I can clearly recall two of mine. In the one earliest I can recall there were problems that came back around in this life. Unfortunately I can’t change them as they have to do with another person. Also, you can’t fix stupid. When I said has someone told you that you have a block, they must know your history. Don’t blame your seller or think they are just brushing you off. If they have worked with you long enough and they know their items, it might be the only thing that makes sense. Also a seller of the metaphysical is not responsible for you, you are responsible for you. We can help you, we can show you the water but we can’t make you drink. I’m going to give you an example. I’m going to hear about this by tomorrow but, truth is truth.

So I have this customer who I do like. They have spent a bit of money but they need help in the women department. I don’t like them because of money. I have at least three customers that rarely buy and I love them to death! They are really cool people! Shout out to Isabella, Todd and Luc. I would break bread at any time with them. I like them. There’s a lot of people I genuinely like and I can’t name them all. The point is that it’s not always about money. Of course I’m in business and like you, I have bills to pay but there is more to life. This guy talks to women in a bad way. He’s not meaning to, he just is lost! An example is of his last nights text. Actually it was on messenger. It’s a cartoon of Homer Simpson going on about a vibrator and someone’s balls. I’m not into it. I just shake my head. I like classy in the street and a freak in the sheets, in private! No need to be a dripping, trifling floozy in public. I had a guy tell me that he couldn’t take me because I was to intense, and I am but I’m also laid back and you can talk to me about anything. I have lived a life where I can’t judge anyone! In fact if I ever get a terminal disease I will tell you all about it. When you read it, every single one of you will say HOLY SHIT! Think Thelma and Louise on steroids! That’s all I can say about that and the alligator will keep his mouth shut for sure.

Now back to this guy. He wants me to recommend him to my customers, I can’t. I told him about talking to people the way he does. Heck, I’m bad enough, admittedly. He wants to give transformations but I have no idea how he’s going to do it. I put an item up for him but I know nothing about it. What does it do? A 20,000 sword needs some information!! Plus he made a website so why not put it there? Now with the other guy doing transformations, I know him. He has integrity and he’s honest. I’m not saying the other guy isn’t, I’m saying I have told him things and he doesn’t listen. Plus my major issue with him is honestly. Yes, you know who you are and you can call me tonight and we will discuss it. Another part of this is ambition, where is yours? I know your are mad but show me ambition and make that call. We have a lot to discuss.

Time Travel. How do you get those to work? That depends on the item. Is it a living item or do you need to travel in a certain way. On some time travel it’s both physical and astral. Just because it could be astral doesn’t mean you are aware of it. It also doesn’t mean you won’t get what you are seeking. When it’s done on that kind of plane, what you want does come but in a way all it’s own and will be physical. Time is a concept only in our lives, it doesn’t really exist. A real example of this is God. I’m not going to preach but give you an example. So let’s say you are out and about and you get news that someone is dying or your at home. You can change that time. I have prayed and it was like nothing happened or circumstances changed when no way could they. Another time I asked that someone didn’t see something. What I didn’t want them to see was right in front of them. I know they were made blind to them. Time was changed. Let’s talk about physical time travel. Unless your in Ong’s Hat your spirit will physically travel and that spirit is no longer Earth bound so yes you can bring things back physically. So take your item and follow your sellers instructions and sit in that comfortable chair. Relax.

What about creature spirits? Unless a dedicated trained creature, think of your own pets. Enough said! Always ask if it’s a dedicated trained spirit. Most sellers only deal with those anyway. I have a cat named Dim Sum. That cat rides the short bus. I can’t imagine him as a spirit and trying to get him to do anything!

I’m going to have to go now. My next post is about communicating with the dead. Giving the real low down on it got me banned from a so called psychic site. God forbid you tell people the truth!

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