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How many worlds are out there?

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Who needed the seeds? They are ready!

GY you are shipped! Please let me know who gets the angel wing in sterling! But please tell me next time you don’t get your package because I have tracking on that and it shows delivered, I like my bu

Rare item, Shipping & coupon

These are the new items on EBay but they are rare! The Patrick Flanagan piece is original and belonged to him. This is the only one he made and it was for himself, I have had this for years and began

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Elon Musk Says Neuralink’s First Brain Chip Patient Can Control Computer Mouse By Thought

Robert Hart

Forbes Staff

I cover breaking news.

Hello most of those that are on the hauntedcuriosities proboards forum know me as (Dragonbreath) and here is a Article that is out of this World-----------

  Feb 20, 2024,05:55am EST



The first human implanted with a chip from Elon Musk’s computer-brain interface company Neuralink has recovered and can move a computer mouse with thought alone, the tech billionaire announced on Monday, a brief insight into the firm’s progress as it works towards restoring lost abilities like movement and sight and enhancing others like memory and intelligence.

“Progress is good,” the billionaire said, adding that the patient is…

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Some daydreaming things of a bucket list I do have is:

• intergalactic/interdimensional tourists

• regain and inherit the properties I had in past life - real estate, land, artifacts, gadgets/gizmos

• Pantheonic Gods and what thet think of others

• Experiencing the highest civilisation level in person in flesh and bone lifetime

• Abolishmemt of the idea of the paying with currency to live

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Honestly at this point part of me feels like what would happen if we visited galaxies that humanity has conquered, pioneered or colonised (if there is such things) and if so what would they think of the state of planet earth's affairs from their civilisation level standpoint

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What was considered forbidden chronicling the journeys in different dimensions and planes of existence. Honestly I've always had daydreaming thoughts what it would be like to be a interdimensional interstellar tourists and record my findings hoping I could connect the dots from one visited area to compliment anothers without repercussions to come about from a merger & acquisition phase

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I’ve always believed there to be many. I’m always looking up at the evening sky. It entrances me.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
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Me either! You learn something everyday.

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