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K/R Jackson

Jackson your emails have now been blocked. Your 500 plus emails stop other customers from getting to me. Your non stop constant insanity has other people's emails buried. No longer will this happen. I don't care how much you spend or don't. I will be shipping you to the address you have registered with PayPal and no other. This gives you time to change it if needed, I'm being gracious here. You will be shipped last. Also as I have told you and others who find comprehension hard, 38.00 items may not be what you see in the picture. Yours are so you lucked out. Unfortunately for me I didn't find out until now that you are on the do not sell to list. I now understand why. Multiple Facebook ID's will not work as you have found out by now. If you continue on with this behavior, your ip will be blocked from all websites. As an alternative there are many sellers who will sell their ass for a buck, feel free to find them. They most likely will accept cash app from you. Good luck with all of that. I won't tell you why but even though you won't get what you paid for I certainly believe the seller will have earned it putting up with you.

Now a message for Birdie. We don't do sex changes here. I can't turn you into a damn cartoon bird. I'm sure you will find a seller hard up for cash who will tell you they can. You too have been blocked. As far as asking what am I giving you for your birthday. Do you stop into the mall, Target, Walmart, grocery and ask them? Oh and what did you get me? Your upbringing has lacked the fortitude to

teach you class. Get some. I'm

Not your average seller and I won't put up with insane crap. You may email me with respect and lose the nonsense. No one can change you into a damn cartoon! Seriously, WTH!!!!! How many real cartoon characters do you see walking around? If that's what your into go to Disney as they will

surely welcome you! Try Universal or stop by Chuckie Cheese! Enough of this crap! Just stay away from the kids!

Everyone else thank you for putting up with a slow week. More will come out when I'm back. All items will be shipped except for one. I will be contacting you GY as one of yours I need to locate. It will ship when I'm back. It's the one with skulls. I have them but not on that choker.

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