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The First Post.

Many of you ask where do we get our items. We hunt for them, we network, investigate and underground auctions are just a few places. The picture above is of a doll we got a few years ago on an investigation. Hopefully you can blow up the picture.

That is one of the most haunted dolls I ever came across. It’s not for sale as Crabbs claimed him and they are friends. The spirits name is Tony. Tony had a very sad story but even in death he is more alive than ever in his physical form.

Tony lost his grandson and so distraught he committed suicide. You see Tony lost his only daughter and son in law in a car accident. When his grandson died, that was it. He wanted to join the rest of his family.

For whatever reason Tony did not move on. Tony is Earth bound but happy that Crabbs took a liking to him. Crabbs got Tony when she was 6 months old and now she just turned 4. Crabbs talks to him all the time and I have seen him too.

In the beginning he only made himself visible to her. I saw him because he allowed me to. Tony wanted to tell me something important. He wanted to stay with Crabbs and he wanted to let me know about another spirit in the house. I will try and add a picture of that spirit as I do have one. The other spirit in the house was not good, she was what I like to call gray.

I can’t call her a dark spirit as it’s not all under her control. You see, she had mental issues along with drug issues. Her mental issues caused her to get on the drugs. Her murder made her mad!

She was murdered in my house by her friend. He might have been a boyfriend at the time, I’m not sure. What I do know is he is suspected of killing two others through intentional drug overdose. No one has been able to prove he did it as they all did drugs. Her family comes once a year to my house after midnight and sings in my yard. The first night I was pretty freaked out. Well, I thought that. Come to find out it was the boyfriends coven, my neighbor told me. They still come once a year, sometimes at 3am. It is what it is.

Tony wanted to tell me she was dangerous and she is. She shoved one of the kids off a chair. She pushed one off a bed and then I had my show down with her. I told her if she couldn’t act right to just get out! She’s still there but she stays out of my way.

I did have someone stay there who was male. She didn’t like them for good reason and has now followed them to their house. I’m sure that guy isn’t having fun.

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