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The yearly sale coupon code

The rules of engagement!!! Coupon code is xmas23 just as you see it here! This is the only time we do 50 percent off! That means all websites and all prices! The code will be active in about 30 minutes or less.

If you are ordering a 38.00 keep in mind we have lots of them and you may not get what’s in the picture on those items.

If you are ordering off of HauntedCuriosities please check that we have it before buying and give us two days to look. The only exception is the 38.00 items.

Come tomorrow or Saturday a ton of 38.00 will go on a few of the websites. There will also be other pieces going on and the other websites will have bundles that you can’t beat those prices! So get ready because your code is about to be active.

On HC and Hcollector we do have SOME PIECES I kept for myself so if I do and you want the piece I may offer it but I will email you first.  Please make sure your address matches your PayPal and is correct. Out of the United States make sure I have your phone number and email. Customs will not let me ship with out it.

Good luck to you all!

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