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Valiant Thor & The Supernatural

Valiant Thor: The Alien with Immortality and Supernatural Abilities

In the early 1960s, a visitor from outer space appeared in the White House in Washington, D.C. named Valiant Thor. This extraterrestrial was a tall humanoid with blonde hair and purplish skin, a guest of the US government. According to reports, Thor came from the planet Venus and was sent on a mission to Earth to aid humanity in its progress. After arriving on Earth in 1957, Thor contacted President Eisenhower and was granted access to the White House.

Thor’s mission was to help the US government with its technological advancements and earth’s evolution. During his time in Washington, Thor worked closely with high-level officials to secretly share his knowledge of advanced technology and healing abilities. He also assisted in the development of advanced aviation technology. Thor reportedly had “superhuman” abilities that he was able to translate to human subjects. Thor’s abilities included the gift of immortality and supernatural powers, which can be passed down to others.

According to reports, a select few of the elite were able to be granted Thor’s abilities through various experiments. One notable experiment was conducted on a group of soldiers who were trained to test Thor’s bestowal of supernatural abilities. These soldiers were reportedly able to teleport and levitate objects with ease. Furthermore, being immortal, these soldiers never grew old or decrepit.

Valiant Thor’s substance, which is like our blood, was also used to create innovative technology, such as pieces of jewelry that, when mixed with sterling silver, could grant alien abilities through absorption by human skin. Thor’s substance increased human strength, while also allowing telekinesis and an energetic shield that protects from harm.

The notion of an extraterrestrial being working alongside our government with advanced knowledge and supernatural abilities might be hard to believe at first glance. However, the stories and documentation available about Valiant Thor and his work with the US government are compelling. The government’s continued efforts to keep these experiments secret from the American people suggest that there might be some truth to these incredible claims.

Valiant Thor’s story is a reminder of the vast, unexplored universe that awaits us. The idea of an extraterrestrial being coming to our aid with advanced knowledge and supernatural powers is fascinating, if not a bit unsettling. Nonetheless, it provokes us to contemplate our relationship with the cosmos and the possibilities of a future with advanced technology and space exploration. Thor’s story highlights the potential benefits of space exploration and the possibility of unlocking new technologies that could usher in a new era for humanity. It also serves as a cautionary tale that reminds us to approach the unknown with an open mind.

The pieces we have obtained will be on very soon.  All the pieces are from that time period as we have no way to duplicate them. Please ask for them as we don’t have many and I’m keeping one myself. I have thought of melting some down but I’m not sure if the heating of the metals would wreck the abilities. We are talking alien fluid/ life source. I would imagine it would be like burning milk so I don’t want to do that.

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Sherry Chase
Sherry Chase
Apr 24, 2023

I would be interested

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